The Taken

Hey! I havent blogged or posted anything in awhile The Taken

As I’ve gotten back into taking more pictures, I’ve realized I’ve forgotten a lot of tricks and things to do in second life to make my pictures look crisp. These pictures to me seem a little off in proportions which is true now come to think of it, I’m pretty sure my constrained proportions are off! So I guess I’ll have to make a check list and make sure that things stay set properly in settings so this doesn’t happen again.  The Taken 2

                           I’m going to start Blogging again. Wish me luck in that!

Style card

Headdress-*CR* Bizarre Baroque Headress

Skirt – Dazed (AKA Heydra) – Scarlette Skirt

Corset- (fd) Spring Plunge Corset

Hair Exile- After the Rain Sparkle Black

Wings- 7 mad Ravens Neon Wings Raven Rare ( no Flicker)


Rocks- We’re Closed – Mossy Rock Of Dingo ( Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Floor Lamp – Soy – [Gourd Tree]

Rowboat- creator Raya Jonson

Asylum Girl – Creator Raya Jonson

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