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Hey , I haven’t blogged here really for some time . Lately I’ve been working on pictures pictures PICTURES!! I think maybe Pretty Rexen opened up a blocked door in my brain with our collaboration picture we did a few days ago.

Collaboration picture with Pretty P Rexen

Collaboration picture with Pretty P Rexen

This picture was something that was put together with some brain storming between the two of us and patients. I had fun since I don’t often work with others to do pictures. This will most definitely be something we will have to do again. It was a nice break to not have to think about all the details of a shot and it was interesting to see how we both interrupted the piece when we edited it in photoshop.

silken moon skin in pearl for Wowmeh

silken moon skin in pearl for Wowmeh

Up until a few month’s ago I had never heard of a Skin store called Silkenmoon. Christiana Xevion happen to tell me about it and ever since then I’ve been a really big fan of their work, so I was really excited when the creator Malicia Py contacted asking me if had a Wowmeh mesh body. At the time I didnt but I had planned on getting one . I’m kinda of all over the place when I’m in second life I literally have to make myself notes to check out events or stores or even look for a specific item in my inventory. My mind goes a mile a minute with lots of ideas. Anyway I’m really in love the wowmeh mesh body for shots like this one. I still feel very newbish though when it comes to dressing the mesh body I know that they make lots of appliers for it and also fitted mesh I hear it works well with it to but I’m still not so comfortable styling with it. I have a unique taste in second life attire so for now my wowmeh mesh body will probably be used for more bare type shots.

Thrift shop Started May 29th go check it out!

Thrift shop Started May 29th go check it out!

I love anything that has to do with the 20’s – 40’s era and around October I joined a group on Facebook for a club in world called the Electric monocle . I have been going to their events now, when I can get in world or when its in my time frame to hear some awesome electro swing tunes.. The music itself has brought back memories and made some new memories. Honestly the group of people that come to the events in this place have been some of the nicest I’ve met in my 5 year of being in sl.I highly suggest that you check it out . Recently the Electric monocle owner Subversive Vavoom a.k.a Lindy Hopper Did a remodel of the club Electric monocle and also added a Thrift Shop like store all based on a theme. This month’s theme is ” out of time ” Below is a picture taken in the Electric monocle and I’m wearing one of the dresses made by illume and a pair of shoes by Lindy that’s being featured in this round at the Thrift shop.. So many goodies to see Go check it out !


At The electric monocle Modern day Speak easy


Styling cards

1st pic:

Dress: Annex : sleeping beauty

hair: Mina : roosje



Ironorb/Autorathorn for enchantment

Frilled fish. Mistwhite A,B,C

2nd pic

 Wowmeh Mesh Body

Skin Applier : SilkenMoon  pearl

Hair: Mina : Roosje

Crown: O.M.E.N ice queen Crown – ice berg

3rd Pic

Slink Nails : Alaskametro : manicature/pedicure : vote winners ( Thank you Alaska for these )

Hair : wasabii- claudette

Skin: silkenmoon: flapper Marlene ( found at the EM thrift Shop )

Bracelet: kunglers : TDRF#039-copper

Necklace: A7Ana F.J. Forever Wilde Necklace

Dress: Illume: long flapper dress blue ( found at the EM Thrift Shop )

shoes: Electric Monocle’s Thrift Shop:  Sapphire Slink heels ( found at the EM thrift Shop )

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