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So a Few days ago I was contacted by Corina Dawkinz The Owner of The cosmo Sales room on facebook letting me know she enjoyed my blogs and she wondered if was  interested in blogging for Cosmo sale room and SLebrity SLection Street Sale.  CSR Its bi weekly event, SSSS is a  weekly  event. So i decided id take her up on her offer. I’ll admit i have a hard time blogging Every day fashion because i base so many of my pictures on some elaborate story in my head.  So  I’m going to be blogging for this sales room and hopefully i can create elaborate pictures that meet the masses criteria 🙂 haha. Anyway I kind of set up a scene and then the shadows got the song “good” by Better than ezra stuck in my head .. Yea i know its an OLD song forgive me that was my Time in music ok.. haha.  ok so My outfit is by Holly mesh.. the outfit is a part of the Cosmo sales room and the Shoes you will see in the below picture are also Holly mesh but from the Slberity City which right on the outside of the CSR Building in one of the open shops there . Its actually a neat little place with a lot of Good Brands.. I hadnt ever been to Cosmo sales room until I met Tessa Augusik who By the way is Also a blogger for the Cosmo Sales room.. Hopefully  I can pull her by one of her ears into one of my blogs.. 🙂 Also In my picture above You will see pictures By Bazar which is the Owl photo and the Antlers are done by JessMachope Resident The Owner and Creator Of *Simple Me*.

Collage wpicture

The eyes I’m wearing are in the Cosmo Sales room and come in a array of different colors So make sure you check them out!

My Tattoo is from Zentro its called Skull and Roses Also at the Cosmo Sales room.


OUTFIT :HOLLY Mesh Cursive GATSBY  Currently @ Cosmo Room
Shoes :HOLLY  Mesh Madre Boots Currently @ Cosmo Room
Eyeshadow:PELLE MAKE UP – Smooth  eyeshadow  brown Currently @ Cosmo Room
EYES :PELLE – Kaoni eye green @ Cosmo Room
Tattoo: [ZENTRO] Skull and Roses Tattoo  Curretly @ Cosmo Room
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Mana” (Red amber)
Jewelry: :::LP::: Double Strap Watch – Wasabi Flag – L
Ring: Swallow- Skully Ring Silver

Scene Props:
Bazar Owl Picture – Arizona Entrance Art
Rug – Arizona Entrance Rug
Umberella Holder- Arizona – umberella decor
Mud Honey Designs – Boudoir Potted Plant
Behaviorbody Chic sit 2 Peope chair “gold”
* Simple Me* Antler Frames by Jess Machope Resident
Behaviorbody – Againstwall- Prop Big

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