Witches Feast


So Halloween is fast Approaching What are you dressing up as or Well your kids for that matter ?? My kids want to be  Sophia the first, Twilight sparkle and an Egyptian girl.. Which im now on a hunt for the perfect costume’s for my kiddo’s . I’m not dressing as anything .. I’m going to dress as myself.. ( or i could just be weird and dress like my SL character) haha i dont think anyone would guess who or what i was..lol

Every Thing Featured in above picture

Pumpkins- What next– Jack Olatern

Sign- []bs[] ( Beach Street) – Broom Rides Sign ( Horrorfest)

Tables- X3 +Half-Deer+ Terror Table Black (Horrofest) ( I used 3 of your tales ) ( Thank You)

Picture on table- Re Evil Witch Offering Apple painting ( thank you alia for letting me use your picture)

Pumpkin on table- The Forge – Pumpkin dude ( horrorfest)

Goodies on table’s- Aphrodite Autumn Centerpiece Glassed Chocolate Cake (horrorfest)

Closed Coffin – Backwoods Mafia– Closed Coffin with candles & skull (horrorfest)

Picture hanging on tree- Iconic– Sign horror story #7 ( chapter 4 event)

Broom- Isoul by Shannon. Bryon ( thanks alia for lending me your broom)


I happen to catch a few of my friends online while i was putting my picture stuff together and they wanted to join in my bewitching festivities..  Lyric ( left ) is using a pose from Elephante Poses called Black Cat # 2 . Alia (middle) Is using the pose called  Black Cat # 3.  Ande Sugarplum ( right) is using the Pose Knock, Knock Trick Or Treat #1 All these poses can be found at the Horrfest.  I’m currently wearing in the above picture the ballerina dress from FP ( Faster Pussy Cat) I seriously Adore Honey Bender’s Creativeness <3! The hat I’m wearing is from Fateplay ( dumbledore hat) i got this as a free gift at the Wizarding Faire and the boots I got from a past Fi*fridays event they are made by Hollyhood they are making their way into my blogs alot lately.. 🙂 Oh the necklace im wearing is also from the Horrorfest made by ellabella.

Thanks for reading guys..  I must run out and find some of those costumes i was telling y’all about 🙂


Ande Sugarplum Wears :

FasterPussycat VARLA Mesh Ballet DRESS ( Horrorfest )
              Immodesty Panties Waist Black
              Immodesty Panties Black
             Immodesty Panties Waist Black 1
              Fishnet footless tights
Hat:FATEplay Hat – Damodore – Black (FREE!)

eyeshadow:[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Wraith
lips:Pink Acid Witches Gloss & Teeth 03
Lashes: MIASNOW Lashes – CANDY 2 Fantasy
Eyeliner:PURE – Cat Eyeliner 9.

Hair:(Chemistry) Hair – Anemone w bangs (Rigged)

Necklace:.:ellabella:. Night Necklace – Cellular – chest (horrofest)
Bracelet :.{yumyums}. Wired Web {Onyx} RARE (horror fest)
Bracelete:FP Cross Bracelet
Ring:[CIRCA] – “Fright Night” Macabre Ring – Bird Skull Silver (horrorfest)
Piercing:[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (mouth)

Lyric Bing wears : 

.:: DELISH ::. Halloween Costumes – Witch -02(marketplace

Hair: Truth : Mischa

Shape:  WOW Skins Nadia Shape ( market place)

Alia Spearsong wears :

Evie’s Closet Halloween Fable Pack freebie

hat: Witch hat by Florzinha

Shoes: Omega black from N-core

Necklace: Catiuska outfit from Luas

Lipstick: Glamorize Rival Black Combo

Eyeshadow: Roxiz Makeupz Cry baby 1

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