Dazed Stag

Oh Hai, I havent seen you guys in a while .. Well I kind of seen you last week where I posted a picture and a song the style credits and bailed on you.. I extended my Vaca from blogging and now its been a while.. (sorry ) for that.. But I’m back and ive got a few things to show you. Some things are with events that have passed and some are with events that are happening now. the Weather here in South Carolina has gotten a bit of a chill and I’m literally sitting here at my computer bundled up like it’s the dead middle of winter..  it’s not but im just a cold natured person. However I do actually enjoy winter it is some what almost magical . stark_003editdoneRecently Dazed Dezinez came out with this Lovely Dress set that include  Wings that are not shown but you can see and purchase at the Pure Sale Room


Style Card


Pic# 1 ( my Inve ate it will post when i come across it )

 Pic # 2 PosESioN White 5

DaZeD DeZineZ Scarlett Top Black
DaZeD DeZineZ Scarlett Skirt M Black
Cape:! Bliss Couture Fur ! Gamp Fur Cape in black

MakeUp :{>essences.} Blush: Contour -> Middle Pink
[ glow ] eyelashes – Air – Cloud (nose)
*MC* Makeup – Lace Makeup + Black Sheer Lipgloss

Hair:Vanity hair base Warm Red
     Vanity Hair:Wake Up Alone Rigged-Fiery Red
     Vanity Hair:Wake up Alone-Warm Red

+Half-Deer+ Stag Antlers – Black (oh my Gotcha)
:FY: Fly Me Away Crown (black)
[Crash Republic] Strappy Bracelet – copper trio RARE (Oh My Gotcha)
[F]oil- Crocheted Wire Hoop- Gold ( past Fi*friday)

Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) M
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Glam Affair – Candy –  Freckles
Skin-Glam Affair – Katya – Europa 02 E
Brows-Glam Affair – Candy –  suggest eyebrows 02
Eyes :AL vulo ! * anemone jade eyes

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