Hey everyone, How are you all doing? I’m still slightly sick now with the sniffles and now I have this cough that makes me sound like a 90-year-old woman on her millionth pack of smokes.. so I’m covering the basics changing the filters washing curtains for any dust and stuffs.. trying to take it easy .. resting, drinking plenty of fluids.. 🙂 and also trying not to lose my temper with being sick and just loosing my cool with people who don’t know me well enough to harass me.. As most of you know I’m married I have kids and I’m not afraid to just bust out and tell my life story if some one is interested in knowing more about me.. I would just like to say I have no problem with being friends with anyone who wants to have fun in either of the worlds I talk about ( second life or the earthy life) but I do have my limits on how much I will tolerate from people.. As you can see from previous posts that I like photography digital graphics and fashion and Again just having fun .. I will not tolerate you harassing me in Second life.. ( or on earth) ( he he) Your booty will get deleted and blocked in a heart beat..( only if I could do that in RL) I don’t want to deal with your drama or your raging hormones if you need some Personal time with the opposite sex then im really not that person for you..  I just don’t have time for the nonsense..( unless its my hot husband) I don’t want to have pixelated kids.. I have enough kids at home  I don’t want to play house with you.. unless we are just taking pictures XD and your cooking me breakfast.. lol ( joking) no really waffles are good  🙂 Anyways your probably all going Andi what are you going on about..  Sorry I met some one in SL recently that kind of disturbed me . When I meet people like that it does take me a few days to get over. I guess I’m just a sheltered country girl from the south that doesn’t like to think about all the cray crays out there. Life is stressful enough without thinking about every time you pass a person on the street what they do behind closed doors.. 

 Now on to positive things I absolutely love that I’m meeting so many new people who I’ve friended on Facebook on second life it’s actually really inspiring and I’m seeing so many new places to hang out in or go Adventuring around .. not to mention .. I think I mentioned this in my last blog the Networked blog which I use to keep of items I want to check out like hair and freebies.. ( hey I use freebies too)..  Link to networked blogs

So For now here’s my look for today.. And maybe there might be another later.. if I can get things to work not be blurry :).. kicks Second Life.. artsy edit This pose is made by Frozen Poses and this is the Ballerina pose 6.. I can’t tell you how much I Adore these poses they are just so artsy and serene and peaceful and it makes me SOOo HAPPY!.. (hehe) you will probably see more of the poses in the pack later on.. Also I have news.. news that makes me more happy happy happy.. I was accepted to blog for (plays trumpet) elephante poses..          YAY… Does happy Dance!!

They have such quirky awesome poses.. that make well.. wanna DANCE!!.. 🙂  but Alas the next pose is from elephante poses and I’m not dancing but I’m looking all smexy in stuffs.

pose: elephante poses : love is war #7 outfit by Vivid necklace (sleepy Eddy pocket watch necklace steel chooz.. BSD Studio less is more  Hair: Wasabi pills  Melissa

pose: elephante poses : love is war #7
outfit by Vivid
necklace (sleepy Eddy pocket watch necklace steel
chooz.. BSD Studio less is more
Hair: Wasabi pills Meliss

I’m in the Guana Cay Sim again… i kind of have a  sim crush on this place .. it’s just so nice with the music and the colors and the textures makes me wanna kick the owner out of the sim and make it my house.. or at least my vacation spot 🙂

I posted my pictures on Facebook earlier than my blog because  I’m working on doing different things with pictures and I really am my own worst critic about anything I do.. I think that’s also why I only blog once or twice a week I don’t want to over step my ” creativeness” *shrugs* So I couldn’t really decided on which picture’s I liked the best and I usually take anywhere between 5 and 10 pictures depending on what I’m dealing with The night EDIT 01I really liked the sky in this one and I added all the little Bokeh dots 🙂

So i know i have all these different colors and backgrounds and you really cant see the outfit that well and the Amazing Tattoo by inkwell.. So here is a close up shot of the tatt and the Butt ruffles.. loves these butt ruffle bottoms so cute ❤

studio pic

studio pic

Also im gonna add one more picture to show you wouldn’t didn’t make the cut but I still like it

didnt make the cut and has no edits

didn’t make the cut and has no edits

Ok My little Peaches I’m out to do some more stuffs .. Hope you liked my blog/look n stuffs

xoxox  ~ Andi

 Tattoo~THE INKWELL : Ini Kamakaze

.::Vivid::. Hot N Spicy [Bottom] Pure Sales Room
.::Vivid::. Hot N Spicy [Top] Pure sales room
Shoes:{{BSD Design studio}}Less is more grey croco

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

Jewelry{Sleepy Eddy} Pocket Watch Necklace (Steel) (September Arcade)
(phoebe’s piercings & more *P* Izar Ring ~Black~ (l)
 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Melissa Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Pancake( september arcade)
Body Stuffs:
skin -Glam Affair – Candy – America – 06 D( september arcade)
-POUDRE- [Callis] – Teeth & Freckles – MP –( pure sales Room)
-Glam Affair – Candy –  Freckles
Eyelashes -41- Hollywood *REDGRAVE*
AL vulo ! * anemone jade eyes

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