Goals n Styles

Hey there’s I know its Friday and you would think after going all week on a big Photoshop Project… That I would be like ok another post can wait but I’ve been thinking about this.. I really do enjoy blogging and now that I’ve been blogging for a few stores for a few month’s now and I’m getting use to how it all works and the designers that post their things in what stores and how.. For an example The Pure Sales room I’m liking the fact that I get to see new designers and then I know that their will be certain designers that post new things in each round.. its exciting and it gives me something to look forward to . Also the same with the 69 room.. I’m really loving the new things that I get to see also the store is expanding its great to see people get work together and make things grow . As a Blogger I’m sure at one point you look at what you’re doing and decide hey I really want to do this and set a goal to get it done!

Look book style edit

The arcade is coming up it starts actually this Sunday and I cant tell you how excited I am about it.. I’m literally like a kid in a candy stores when I finally get in and I’m sure there are a lot of other people are too and after looking over the list on the website which you can view here  Arcade

There are A lot of Really Cute things! As I’m sure that The Arcade gets TONS of Applications to do its reviews for its Items to Blog!  !!!  So far its pretty One of the Biggest Events that happens in second life that I look forward too and I Cant wait Til Sunday to be able to Shimmy way through those doors to see what i can get 🙂

 Also another event that happens yearly that i Truly Enjoy Just to be able to see each person creations for their store and the different hair that they come up with amazes me.. I’ve tried to Draw hair in Photoshop and its no jokes its hard work unless you Really know what you’re doing and even then unless you have the knowledge I’m not sure if I could come up with unique hair all the time. I read today about the Hair Fair 2013 the donations it received was $16,165.85 dollars.. That’s amazing .. I kind of wished that there were more events that Happened that Donated the proceeds to things like this.. it kind of (to me) makes the experience .

There are few people who have caught my eye in second life with their style and pictures. The thing about working with people though is it has to be a mutual hey I wanna work with you too other wise you may get a clash of ideas and things just not panning out.  I’m trying to branch out work with different things ..  reach out to different people and just have fun. It really matters to me that I can relate with a creator so I can put out my best work .

There are other things I would like to see myself doing in second life either helping with a Sl magazine or Learning the ways of a Second Life model.. just a few things that interest me .. High fashion, Dark High Fashion and  editorial . Most of that can be seen in the pictures I take but my photography isn’t what I would like to it be so I’ll keep taking pictures practicing and learning photo shop techniques to improve my work.


 Hipster Top Jacket – Print 7 ( purse Sales room)
 MimiHispter Skirt S – Print 7

 Necklace-Miss LT Fat necklace – white

Shoes:PURE – {Mesh} Beryl Studded Shoes Floral Stud ( purse Sales Room)
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
EARS:[Gauze] High Elf Ear =Jewelry:Bane (marketplace)

EYES:[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Deep
lips-POUDRE- [Aza] – PT –  – Teeth & Freckles -(Pure Sales Room)
PURSE:{{BSD Design studio}} supermodel amira- peacock (55L weekly sale)

SKIN:Glam Affair – Lulu 01 BR( last event of arcade)

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