Hey Folks, Pretty much this blog is gonna be a Rant .. I’m Not being positive or feeling positive today at all.. The negative Monster is sitting on my shoulder.. whispering in my ear all the crappy things that piss me off.. So I will not be mad if you don’t read my blog .. because I know that most people like myself don’t usually want to read things that are negative or they don’t end in some happy ending with sprinkles and cupcakes and all that jazz.. So Here it goes If you couldn’t Tell I’m Angry.. I think more than anything that I’m angry with myself .. I’ve tried so hard to be nice with people and show that I am a free spirit that likes to have fun and it just comes off as being Vain or clingy and this is not me by all means.. I like to have fun I like to be that free spirit type I like to share my ideas and have creative chats with others.. Lately though I just feel as though I’m a burden .. I’m a burden to everyone around me.. I hate this feeling cause it affects my creativity my sanity and most of all my attempts to be funny cause they end up being nothing more than a ball of non funny sarcasm.. It Also shows in my photography things just end up slapped together and you can feel the frustration through my work.. As a stay at home mom this is my hobby I blog I play in photoshop and put together my virtual Barbie doll and enjoy the creativity that’s put in front of me in this forever changing place called second life.. The thing is I guess I forget that second life is not very different from real life everyone has their clicks there is always going to be the mean girls and the outcasts.. Where do I fit in with all that mess .. I don’t I’m just here and I’m fine with that.. Maybe I just have real bad case of the summer blues who knows.. Anyway .. that’s not all that’s on my mind but it will do for now.. here’s a few pictures from this week I’ve taken from my ever so lovely sponsors.

I wanted to add shadows to this picture but my computer and photoshop collaborated together and made my computer restarted so this will have to do

I wanted to add shadows to this picture but my computer and photoshop collaborated together and made my computer restarted so this will have to do

The Bottoms of this outfit is made by Dazed Dezinez and I wanted to wear the tango’s so I paired them with a shirt from sassy the boots are from Hollyhood hair is from Miss. C and Horns are from a past 69 Room..


1st pic Style Card

 Shirt: ~Sassy!~ One More Night top – black

 Accessory: IAF Lace Gloves & IAF Rings

 : PP – Teo Diamons Necklace ( grp gift)

PP – Wicki Spikes Bracelets (grp gift)

Wertina : Winged Feather Earring  ( marketplace)

 Lips : Pink Acid City Slicks Lip Gloss – Cherry Red

Liner : .::PiCHi::. Pure Eyeliner [black] 3

 Eyes : .ID. Mermaid Eyes / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

 Horns: = Baby Butterfly = Big Horns Black ( past 69 room)

 lashes : Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes

 high waist shorts : DaZeD DeZineZ Mary Jane Hot Pants


 Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

 Flesh bags : Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)

 hair :Miss C. – Sara_Natural

skin: al vulo- Victoria* rainbow brown brow peach

Poses:  BehaviorBody Against the wall  Aw-2 & Aw-5

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