It happened

Well if you didn’t know or you’ve just started reading my blog about second life happenings mashed with my crazy real life senerios and stories.. You missed out on a blog I did a month or so back about a New and up coming store called Fashionably Frugal and After a lot of hard work.. The Crew Of Fab peeps and I Well we got it Up and Going. Last night was the opening for fashionably frugal .. we have collaboration stores such as B.B.C (Body By Chauveau), [F]oil, click, Color Me, Play with Ruxy,{UR}Fashion designs (U:REFINED ),
L.M.E(lilith Meet Eve),Azure and Bougie. There even Freebies Donated by the local stores that surround Fashionably frugal.
FF (fashionably Frugal Opening Gift Fireplace & Picture Frame, Other items are from Fi*Fridays Pure sales Room and The TDR

FF (fashionably Frugal Opening Gift Fireplace & Picture Frame, Other items are from Fi*Fridays Pure sales Room, eep and  TDR.


The Fire place and Silver picture frame which btw is texture changeable so when ya get it. It will be Gold  Is From a shop called DreamStudios  The fireplace was created by Dreamer Pfaiz and the silver frame was Created by ML McAllen. Both Items are really nice and are now perched in my skybox studio. Just so there is No confusion the Dress and jewelry hair and skin are not from fashionably frugal they are from the places listed in the picture but what is in this new Awesome collaboration store is!!!!!… drum roll please………

click, bbc,color me, [f]oil , L.M.E

click, bbc,color me, [f]oil , L.M.E



Azure, L.M.E, Bougie, Play with Ruxy

Azure, L.M.E, Bougie, Play with Ruxy

Now I know your itching to get the Landmark to go Pick up the greatness that’s all priced for the LOW LOW PRICE of 68L… Here’s your taxi to Fashionably Frugal.

In other news Pure Sales Room is on its 4th Round Yippeeee!! The dress I’m wearing in the above picture is from there and from Liv Glam.. I’m seriously becoming a Fan girl of some Liv Glam! Here’s Your Taxi to The Pure Sales Room Go Check both places out and Let me know what ya think!!


Grand Opening Gifts & style Card

Pose~ StarHeaven ~ Aya 2 [ Pure Sales Room]

Dress:  [LG] K Collection (Summer13) Dania2 {pure sales room]

eyeliner: Dstyle- Medusa 1 (free gift)

Nails:[MANDALA]Milky Nails/SUN GOLD (mareketplace)

Cuffs: A&Ana F.J. My Fluo Style Jewellery Cuffs [TDR]

hair: eep . 013 . boobs . red3

Shoes: Latreia- Kelsey Mauve [69 Room]

 Earrings: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Rich Earring [Fi*fridays]

 Skin: al vulo- Fujiko* red brown brow claveage sunkissed [TDR]

EYES: AL vulo! * Anemone &doll lashes( came with above skin)

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