This is me

Hey there, So I got to thinking this morning while I was rocking out in my Pj’s with my 3 little minions how happy I can be sometimes and I honestly wished it could be that WAY ALL THE TIME!! But seriously if you have experienced me in a Hyper sugar high which I sometimes get into.. You would know that I can get unbearably silly..  I am the type of person that will not think twice about busting a move in the grocery store.. Or making jokes at the cashiers expense as she hurriedly tries to put all the groceries in the bags and throws my groceries all over the place.. I am in all honestly just trying to be happy at all times but People don’t always understand that.. Also As my kids Grow older I do believe my craziness will increase only to embarrass them.. I mean How can you stand not to do the gundam style dance when you hear it on spotify, the radio or on television..  *points at self* This Gal just likes to dance and sing for that matter.. Shh don’t tell anyone … cause I don’t want to be asked to sing for anyone unless we are playing rock Band Just sayin 🙂 OK so here’s My Photo’s for the day.. This outfit is from  Faster Pussycat which is a FABULOUS Store Filled with AWESOME NESS!! So many prettiful High Fashion Stuffs!!

So I got a little carried away with my brushes and made grass around my feet but it needed some color it was kinda bland.. YAY FOR HAPPY GRASS OK!!

 And of course I had forgotten how I got the sky to look so bright when it came time to edit this picture.. cut  me some slack im learning.. XD

 This one is my favorite although it blurry on the edges and  the hands look slightly distorted but the sky turned out cool…

Style Card

Hair: Vanity hair: Wake up Alone- Light Red

Skin : Glam Affair – Lulu 01 Br

Outfit: Faster Pussycat (FP) Diva Halter mesh Dress & Feather Shrug- Gold/black

Boots : <BIC> Thigh Boots Black

Earrings: The Rove – Not Full Circle Earrings

Bracelet: The Rove Empty Bracelet

Piercings : [ni.ju] Monroe Piercing ( I wear this a lot)

eyes: Al Vulo: Goldbunny ipnothic eye

Lashes 1. Alvulo: doll lashes

2. *RedGrave* Eyelashes:-41- Hollywood

Eyeliner: PicHi: Pure Eyeliner [ black] 2

Nails: [ mandala] Milky Nails/Sun gold

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