When in Rome

p> So I want to know how many of you guys ( guys as in Everyone) Play Second Life and your Spouse does not? Just want to know what do they think of it? My husband Dislikes Sl very much so. Every few months or so we have this argument Discussion about how I spend too much time online and Yes there are days I’m in second life way to much and I know it. There is no need to lie about it I Do I Really understand that I can get distracted and lost. What I came to do can turn from 1 hour into 4 hours quickly. Is it a bad thing yes I suppose.  Second Life has become a creative outlet for me. I’ve learned how to use photo shop just with adding things to pictures that I’ve taken in second life . honestly I like taking pictures here.. The graphics the colors the different creations it’s what I’m into. I would love more than anything one day to make digital creations a full-time job.. I can’t explain it better any other way I just enjoy creating with a computer. Although As I say I love creating with a computer, not always does a computer like me creating with it.. I have learned through the years I can be a little destroyer of some electronics.  Anyhoo here’s my picture and I would just like to say I was having some issues when  I took this picture a week or so a go and  I just didn’t know what to blog about with it so this is it.

 In Rome

The Dress is made by Luas Urban Style.  This dress also comes in another color and was shown in the Fi*Fridays showcase the week before last.


These Shoes are Super cute I absolutely adore the feathers They are from a store called Hollywood and were also featured in Fi*Friday.


 Today is a short blog sorry im being a slacker it seems for everyone lately.

Style Card

Bracelets – *RE* LUX Alma Bracelets

 Nails – Adnoness Mia Nails – Pink

 Hair – Eep – hair 013 Boobs Light reds 1

Skin – Essences – Cancer – Light Rose – Brunette – Zodiac

 Shoes – Hollyhood Creamy Pink Pocahontas heels

Dress – Luas Urban Style – Rainbow dress Pack pink

 Earrings – The Rove – Heart Earrings

 Necklace – The rove – mixed Necklace

 Ring – The Rove – Lana rings light pink

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