Forgive Me


I cant help but notice that in this day in time that we are all judged by something weather it be our appearance , where we were raised, what is in our past and even what kind of music we listen to. Lately I’ve been in space in my own little world just thinking. Overly thinking, Thinking so much I lead myself into a corner to question everything, everyone and every feeling m currently feeling.  To no avail I feel lost.. I’ve started doubting myself. Is it depression? Is it stress? Is it the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I don’t know. I’ve tried to stay creative and keep my mind on things that would possibly give me a more positive insight . Its been a hard 2 weeks as you probably have noticed I haven’t blogged for awhile . As summer has kept me inside with only the sight of light from the windows. I’m tired I’m weak and un certain if what I feel about you is real. It’s all a blurry haze, All I can ask is if you will forgive me while I journey through this trial and error. This week in sl was also hard I had viewer issues had a down fall with some friends and I couldn’t get my Siena Dress to work With my Avi at all  ( SAD FACE ) .. Again Please forgive me I’m just a little Frustrated! I was really looking forward to this shot because ive only been eyeing this outfit since I wandered upon Solidea Folies..

forgive me They are currently having a Blogger hunt and I cant tell you how much I would want to be apart of their blogger team it would mean the bees knee’s to me! I love high fashion.. I love the quirky odd ways about high fashion not only that but high fashion can be so fantasy and other worldly. I can honestly high fashion is something that makes my heart pump more blood its just exciting and beautiful. So here is my Siena pictures and I’ll be hones they aren’t what I imagined they would turn out being like.. 😦 so maybe another time when I’m not being so dang  I’ll be able to take better pictures.

forgive me

So this is what’s been in my head for this outfit kind of . Even though I say I’m not fully happy with it I don’t know what I would change about it. Maybe just not have such a rough week trying to get it done. I rather enjoy taking pictures and adding my own personal touches to everything.

 Andi xoxo

 Style Card

1st & 2nd photos

Outfit : SoliDea Folies – Siena – Red

Eye: Al-vulo * Goldbunny * Ipontnic

Eyeliner: Pure Eyeliner [b lack] 2

Hair: wasabi Pills / Hair Base- Shaved- Nigh Shadow

Tears : subrosa- 3 Tears- Mascara / Photoshop added tears

Skin: Essence- Opera Summer time 02 Brunette

Shape: Made by me Anderian Sugarplum Modified with suggestions from Caoimhe Lionheart Just to fit Siena dress

Jewelry- Rosary (red) Marketplace

Hands: Slink Basic Hands Casual

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