Tall & Loud

>Hello Everyone, So today I have 2 Posts to make so after reading this one look forward to the next. A few days ago I got a little crafty with my pictures and am really proud of my weirdness to come up with such a combo 🙂 Here’s My High Fashion Meets Space.Mars High Fashion

These pictures were taken at the Marz Station off a sim that’s known as Insilico. This place is really awesome and if I were you id go wander around and enjoy all the things to see there.  Now about my outfit .. Well all I can say is I like things that are different and unusual. My hair is from the marketplace from a shop called Paper Heart isn’t it cute?!? When I came across it I knew I had to make a picture with it and this is what I created. The Shoes are From a place called  ” The Rove” which is also on the marketplace and in world . I looked up The Rove so I could post a land mark for it here but I was unable to find it so I messaged Heny Hax to get one but she was offline so hopefully she will get back with me and I can check out her store . If you would like the LM do not hesitate to message me maybe by then ill have it and pass it along to you 🙂 The Shoes are awesome and Miss Heny has so many Variations of these great platform shoes. The one’s I’m wearing are called Golden Bars!!

 lets get spacy I’m not going to lie this was a really hard shoot for me and I’m still not exactly sure why.. Maybe because I kept going to all these role play sim’s and trying to take pictures and only to see that someone has their cross hairs zoomed in on me checking me out XD.. That and I didn’t want to be banned from some sim because I wasn’t playing their games .. I do have to say after I started walking around more checking things out I had more people want to talk to me. After talking to a few folks I found some nice photo shot places, made some new friends and I’m looking forward to the next time I decided to go on a crazy picture escapade.


1st & 2nd photo Style Card

Hair: Paper Heart – Prototype- Soot

Skin: Al Vulo _ *Victoria* rainbow Brown Brow Cleavage Peach

Outfit: Color : Me. H.O.F. [ AnjaBasic Body Suit] Black

Shoulders: Color:ME. H.O.F. [AnjaFurShoulders] Black

Necklace: (* I ❤ Fashion) Collar Space Gold

Gloves:  (* I ❤ Fashion) Lace Gloves

Shoes: The Rove- Golden Bars Black

Earrings Spike Gold Earrings By : Me  Anderian Sugarplum

Lips: Black Liquid Makeup – Culture Shock lips

Nails: [ Mandala ] – Nails/ Sun Gold

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