New Things to Come!

Hey Peoples, Today I’m going to be telling you about something new that’s going to be coming to second life in July! I did a Photo shoot with  Love  Holiday a few days ago and I got the inside scoop on the CEO of  Fashionably Frugal. If you haven’t noticed the trendy collaboration stores popping up around you in your every day adventure’s , Where have you been under a rock? I have to say collaboration stores have become my favorite places to shop in second life just because they have such a variety of things. Maybe you’re in a style rut a store like one of these stores could just find a new look for you.  Fashionably Frugal is expected to open July 29th 2013. Items will be at a Low price that is so Awesome I’m really excited to see what designers will pop up in this shop and see what kind of goodies I get to Collect for 68L! So in our Talking of the business and openings and creators and other things that Miss Holiday does in Second life I took some Summer Out Doors Pictures.

CEO of Fashionably Frugal

CEO of Fashionably Frugal

 Fashionably frugal will have their first round starting on the 29th of July and will last a month. For the for the first round stalls will go for 500l  and 350L there after Bi weekly. This will be a great place for you to get some items Sold and have your Business name Spread about. Each stall will have a place for you to place your Land mark so you can get more Traffic in your Sim or Store.  

Grand Opening of FF is expected to be on  July 29th 2013

Grand Opening of FF is expected to be on July 29th 2013

The Store is Still under Construction but Love Allowed me to take a few shots to show the great work that’s being put into this store.

inside wall

inside wall

 inside front counter

inside front counter

 This is the Front counter and the stairs that lead to the second level. This place has A lot of space for Venders to show case their items.

 The Lounge area in the back corner of the store.

The Lounge area in the back corner of the store.

A place to drop from shopping!! Such a chic little corner to relax.

The 2nd level of FF store

The 2nd level of FF store

This is what you see what come to the top of the stairs.

fashionably frugal upstairs

There are more stalls behind me in this shot so there really are lots of spaces 14 total in all but could possibly add more if needed.

So are you sold yet? Do you want to have you items in Second Life featured in this swanky shop? Well Here’s how to get More information . Contact  Love Holiday Or myself Anderian Sugarplum by notecard because  our Messages get Capped and Give us your Name and Your Stores name and we will get back to you ASAP!!

 You May be asking Yourself why do we contact you Andi because it’s not by chance that I met Love holiday I happen to find her looking for bloggers and I answered her call and I’ve accepted the challenge to be a Store Manger for Fashionably Frugal I’m looking forward to this and I hope it will be a great experience for my second life.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog


PS: I’ll keep a store up date as it come closer to the day for Opening!

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