Ocean Times

Hey there, Did you think I quit? Nah just been busy .. I thought summer was for relaxing and taking it easy? Apparently my crew of minions Missed that memo.. Really though we have been having some fun. Doing the Craft and artsy fartsy thing. We still haven’t made it to the lake yet though between work schedule and Weather there has been very little time we could have made it out for a swim. Since there hasn’t been a chance to go swimming in the REAL I decided that this was the best chance I had to take a dip in the water.

Caution to the wind

There are so many things to do in the summer including in sl and right now I would like to be laid beside a pool relaxing , reading or sleeping 🙂

But instead I’m living vigorously through my Virtual self wishing for the ocean and not rainy weather. This picture is Taken on the Island Bangers Home land. This Island is Open to the public and are allowed to come and hang out whenever you please. As long as you have nice manners and don’t mind a little banter because I can’t talk for the Island bangers mascot he may not be so politely playful 🙂 Liqwid the monkey is a very interesting character . The Store Banger Island Creations is not Located near the beach.. Actually the store is like its own private little oasis tucked away in the clouds.Banger Island Creations Store

sunset Hope You guys are having a Great Day xoxo Andi

1st & 3rd PHOTO’s

Skin: Al Vulo [Victoria] * Rainbow Peach  TDR

Eyes: Al Vulo Goldbunny Iphothic eyes

Hair: Truth Zendaya w/roots- Frappuccino

Swimsuit <BIC> Bikini Caution mesh

Bracelets: Magpie 3 chuncky Bangle set Brights – Yellow

Hairbow: [Violet Votaire] Starlene

 Nails: Mad Echo- Raindbow Nails

Feet: *GA* Tip Toe Bare

 Floatie : Miamai _ TCS _ Floatie Kitty yellow ( arcade)

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