I’ve been walking around for a few days now with a note-book in tow where ever I go. I have put a lot of thought into what to write ..  My thoughts come and go so I figure if I have a notebook I can write down thoughts and be able to remember later when its type to blog. I promise I will get Better!! When I set my mind to something it will happen. I must have a set determination to get it done and it usually turns out pretty good. I guess it’s all in how I apply myself. I do have to admit though the people I surround myself with are usually my inspiration. I can’t tell you how long since I’ve started  SL how I wanted to know all the secrets to making clothing and then mesh hit the market and everything I wanted before increased. I just like being able to know I can do something . This is kind of a  hard thing for me because my nature is Go Learn this you can do it !!! more often though I find myself trying and I get frustrated and quit . I’m so extremely hard-headed I’m still not sure how I ended up married and having a family .. haha Its hard to believe anyone can stand me. I know I’m difficult and I do try to work through things on my own whether I’ve thought about whatever it is that’s bothering a million times and I’ve caused myself mental exhaustion because I won’t cut myself some slack from thinking about whatever it was that bothered me in the first place. Yes, I know I over think way to much and I’m very critical of things that I do and I like to have things perfect even if they aren’t perfect in someone else’s eyes. I do however owe a few people a big thanks for keeping me in the light and helping me remember how to have fun sometimes. These people are constantly amazing and inspiring me. They keep my gears working in my brain and help the creativity flow.. My friend Mel Faulkwing one day was like hey Andi looked what I did and ever since then its just an awesome thing to see how she decides what clothing items are going with what shoes or shirt along with the textures she applies to them. My Friend Octavia Loordes has been an inspiration to me for so long that I really can’t think of my second life or my real life with out her. From one mother to another her words help me through tough times. She knows how to have fun and gets me when others don’t. As for the third person I don’t know Caoimhe Lionheart on a personal level like my other friends and I’ve only know her just a few month’s but her words in her Blog inspire me not only to make a blog but to keep striving in everything that I do . She is such a nice person and she has a pure soul even though I’ve never met her you can just tell. My friends play a really big part in my life and even though we are in second life I do consider them my real friends.

Thank you for being here and giving me inspiration. xoxo Andi

Desert bird4_001e


Outfit: * solidea Folies* Sydney

Hair: Truth- Hairbase – Almond

Makeup: Lovely Mi- CD Miwako

Skin: AlVulo- Victoria [Rainbow Peach]

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