Pure Poison

Hey Friends, I kind of feel bad that I said I would blog on Sunday and then I didn’t. Well I decided yesterday as I sat down at my computer that I would sit down and put together a few picture sets and take my time. Well that’s what I did and I think they turned out pretty good. I really enjoy taking pictures. In fact I really enjoy Creating an idea that comes together that tells a story. A few weeks back I visited The Couturier’s Dock . I snagged the Pure Poison Paulette Dress. This dress is amazing because its different its not like any other dress I’ve seen lately in sl. It inspired me to get creative and find things that would accent this piece and I think it worked out well.

Pure Poison

I kind of have this whole Amy Winehouse meets mobsters wife going on.. haha! The Skin I’m wearing is the Newest Skin by Al Vulo at The Dressing Room  Fusion.

I would like to Say thanks for the Readers and Followers that I’ve received n the last few days  it means a lot to me. I’ve decided that I’m going to take on a few guest bloggers every once in a while so look out for different styles and different writers. 🙂


Hair: Vanity: Wake Up alone Reds

Skin:[ Al Vulo] – Victoria- Rainbow Peach – TDR

Dress: Pure Poison- Paulette Dress

Necklace: pure poison- Carmen Necklace

Bracelets: Pure Poison- Wicky Spiked -Gift

Pure Poison- Pety unisex Bracelet- Nude & Vert

Earrings: Amourous : Encircled

Shoes : N-core *group Gift* Coquette Platform “Wild Edition”

Makeup:  Pink Acid Camille Lips & Teeth Caramel

Pure Poison – Pearl Eyelashes

D Style Black eyeliner 3

Nails: ( * I ❤ Fashion) Psycho set

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