Rain on Me

Hey!! Guess what?? I’m Baaack :). As long as ive wanted to do blogs I never ever thought about how much work goes into making one.. Whew. its kinda tough.. To me I think the toughest thing about creating a blog is Blog titles and what to write about. I follow a few people here on word press and I always enjoy hearing about their stories and things they do in Second Life. Honestly lately my RL isn’t  very interesting well unless you know me personally and you know my family. Other than what goes on in sl is me scurrying around taking pictures doing some hunts here and there, saying Hi to the few people I associate with and having Mini Griefing wars with my Friend Liqwid who by the way is a very vicious playful monkey.. So yesterday while im trying to figure out what kind of pictures I was going to take I  looked out the window by my desk and it was pouring rain the thunder was rolling in and it just drenched everything outside.. so what better way to show you how it would be if I were outside in all that torrential downpour would be to try my hand at some hand Photoshop skills and make some Rain.. I’m really not all that experienced with Photoshop and with all the pictures ive taken recently ive watched my share of Tutorials on how to do things.

rain on me

Today Im going to show you something new from BANGER ISLAND CREATIONS. If you don’t know about this place you should check it out! I currently work there as a Photographer/ Model.  I enjoy doing this because I get to kind of mix n match  and give the outfits a certain style .  Mel Faulkwing will have items From BANGER ISLAND CREATIONS  at the Thrift Shop Event that Opens Tomorrow  June 7th 2013! YAY.. I cant wait to check this event out.. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I seen some of the goodies and I’m excited to get them !!..

Zebra & red Red Dress

This Dress is one of <BIC> Newer Items  I love zebra stripes!! This Tattoo is By [Sleepy Bozer] I think it goes Nicely with this outfit . The hair is From Wasabi Pills  Its called Lory in the color Pancake. I happen to pick this Hair up at the Arcade. Have you been to the Arcade yet? I’ve Been twice now I really LOVE the Arcade, Gatcha Machines are Soo much FUN!! Well Guys I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend . I think  I will spend the Day at the Lake Tomorrow.. I’ll have a New post up on Sunday sometime.

xoxo Andi 🙂


 Richielli – Mesh Trench Coat

EvenFlow- Wellington “Rusty London” Boots

Nah! – umberella

Essences – Skin- opera Summertime 02

D-style – Eyeliner- Black 03

Pink Acid – Lips & Teeth Camille- Caramel

Magiak 03 – Hair – Forget


< BIC > Zebra & Red Dress

< BIC> Patent Leather Platform Heels

/ Wasabi pills/ Lory Mesh Hair (boobs) -Pancake

[Sleepy Bozer]-Tattoo – Hurley Magic

[*RD*]* Nailed Back to school- Red Plaid Nails

Pink Acid_ Lips & Teeth Camille – Caramel


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