Cheers to new places & new faces.


Hey, I’m Anderian Sugarplum You may call me Andi , Andy  or Ande if you must. Most people don’t know how to say my name and for some reason butcher it when they spell it so I just tried to shorten it up so I have a chance at knowing when someone is talking to me. 🙂  I am a Second Life Resident I like High Fashion Trendy things and anything with spikes.  My blog is going to be about things I wear in sl and things that one of my beastie’s Mel Faulkwing creates in her Store BANGER ISLAND it is based on trendy styles also beach wear with a touch of clubbing attire.  I plan to take on new attire, accessories and tattoo’s from different artists on the grid. If you’re looking to get your stuff out there I’m here to make it happen. With that said let’s get down to business and show you some of the greatness that I’ve found.

Banger Island Harem Mesh comes in 3 styles

Banger Island Harem Mesh comes in 3 styles

 Paired with these awesome outfit I have taken it upon myself to let everyone know about an awesome Tattoo Shop called [ Sleepy Bozer] . The Tattoo in the Banger Island Harem Mesh Photo is called  Marissa Peirce and as of right now its one of my Favorites. My pictures don’t do it justice so go check it out. Miss Mel Faulkwing has also made something I adore  because I love spikes! If it has Spikes it’s either in my Inventory or Its on my Marketplace Wish List. BANGER ISLAND CREATIONS  No Regrets Spikes & ChainsNo regrets spikes & chains 

Today will be the first time ever I’ve written a blog that I have posted pictures on other than flickr . I hope to be able to post in this blog often and grow friendship’s with whatever followers decide to follow me in my journey through the ever lasting sl madness 🙂 Hope everyone has a smashing day! xox Andi


< BIC> Banger Island Creations – teal Harem Pants & Draped Top

[Sleepy Bozer] Tattoo Marissa Peirce

Essence – skin -Tauarus 01 *brunette*

> TRUTH< Zendaya- Fades Blaze w/tops

[*RD*] * Nailed Back to school Pink Plaid Nails *

[ni.ju] Monroe Piercing

Redgrave – Eyelashes-41- Hollywood

:: Modish:: mesh Live-Hazel Eyes

[ Etcha Flesh] Natural Bare Feet w/hud

Poses Created by Anderian Sugarplum w/ Animare pose & Animation System


<BIC> Mesh No Regrets Spikes & Chains

<BIC> Mesh Black Slouched Knee Boots

[ Sleepy Boozer]- Tattoo Four Minute Mile

 Essence- Skin- Opera Summertime 02 Brunette

> TRUTH< Kirby- Gingers

D-style Medusa Free Gift Black Eyeliner 2

Pink Acid Camille Lips & Teeth Caramel

Modish – Mesh -Live- Hazel Eyes

 Anderian Sugarplum – Spike Silver Earrings

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